How do I renew my Michigan CPL?

I need to renew my CPL, what do I have to do?

With an upcoming CPL course I’ve received several messages regarding people who’s CPL recently expired or is about to expire. Most of the questions are along the lines of “do I have to take the whole course again or is there a shorter version?” or “When I got my CPL they told me I would need a renewal class when it is close to expiring, do you offer that?” or “What if my CPL expired? Do I have to start all over?”

This article is an attempt to clarify what is required by law in the state of Michigan to renew an active or expired CPL.

By Michigan law (MCL28.425l) your CPL is eligible for renewal for 6 months prior to expiration, or up to one year AFTER it expires. Please note if you continue carrying after your CPL has expired prior to renewing it, you are actually guilty of a felony Concealed Carry Weapons charge (MCL750.227b) which could impact your ability to ever get your CPL again. It’s not worth the risk.

When your CPL is getting ready to expire your county clerk should mail you a renewal notice 3-6 months prior. That notice should have a pin number in it for electronic renewal. If you have moved they have no requirement to mail the pin anywhere other than where it was first issued. If you did not receive your renewal notice and pin you can contact your county clerk and request it. You can also call the Michigan state police CPL unit at 517-284-3700 or email and request your pin for online renewal.

Whether you renew online at or through your county clerk the cost and requirements are the same. The cost is the same $115 you paid when you got your CPL to begin with. The requirements to renew are review required training for at least 3 hours, and spend at least one hour on the range within 6 months prior to renewal. This renewal training is on the honor system… you have to self-certify that you have completed it. For  many people a class may be the easiest way to meet the requirements (MCL28.425j (1) (a),) but it is definitely not required by law.

Above are the legal requirements. The instructor in me can’t end this article without strongly encouraging you to seek out further training anyhow. I’m a certified instructor in 4 different disciplines by two different organizations; and have a lot of training there’s no paper record of. I still need more training. If the worst possible time comes that you actually need to use your firearm for self-defense, do you think you’re going to regret not seeking out advance training? Do you think you’ll ever have so much training that you will regret having learned too much? Should the worst day of my life ever happen, I want every piece of knowledge, every tool, every trained and ingrained movement giving me every possible chance to win the fight and go home. Don’t shirk on training… and also don’t let money hungry or ill-informed instructors tell you that you MUST do things that the law does not require.

– Tim, Owner and lead instructor of My Defensive Training, LLC.

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