Private Training
Cost: $60/hr (2 hr minimum)
Private training we will work on what you need to! There is a two hour minimum for this service.
For scheduling info please email

CPL Courses (USCCA or MCRGO)
Cost: $99/person
This 9 hour course (with breaks) meets and exceeds the minimum requirements in the state of Michigan. Course cost includes range time, one year MCRGO membership, water and snacks. If you have special dietary needs you are welcome to bring your own snacks and beverages!
You are welcome to use our firearms at no additional charge but you will have to provide 100 rounds of 9mm Luger (9×19) NEW MANUFACTURE brass cased ammo from a reputable manufacturer.
Check back soon for an updated course schedule!

Private CPL Courses (USCCA or MCRGO)
Cost: $495 for 1-5 people, 6 or more people for $99/person
Our private CPL course as listed above can be run for your private group. These courses are hosted on our private range. The classroom portion can be done at our site or at your home or office. Additional travel costs may apply if you are more than 30 minutes from our location.
If you are interested in a private course please email

Defensive Shooting Fundamentals L1 (USCCA)
Cost: $220/person (Additional $30 purchase required)
This course is designed to teach you how to deal with that surprising, chaotic, unpredictable and life threatening moment where you actually have to use your defensive firearm. When confronted with a life threatening situation we do not have the luxury of standing in one spot and taking our time to get off the perfect shot. Through realistic training and practice we are able to train our brain to work with what our body does naturally giving us the tools to be more likely to survive that violent confrontation. You must have your CPL and must complete the USCCA’s e-learning course prior to attending this course.
No courses are currently scheduled, if you are interested in a DSFL1 course please email

All courses are subject to our cancellation guarantee.