What to bring?

We ask that everyone bring a good attitude and an excitement to learn! In exchange We will bring a good attitude and an excitement to teach, and learn from you!

Coffee, Water, Snacks and lunch are all provided. However if you have any special dietary restrictions or needs we ask that you bring what is needed. Please count on not leaving the site for lunch as the closest places are approximately a 15 minute drive each way. That would add unnecessary time to an already long day.

You will need to show your valid state issued ID when you arrive.

Please bring a personal defensive firearm that is capable of being carried concealed. Along with the firearm if you are using a semi-automatic pistol you will need a minimum of two magazines capable of holding 20 rounds between them for each person using that firearm. If you are using a revolver you will need speedloaders for your firearm capable of holding a total of 20 rounds between them for each person who will be using that firearm.

Each person will need 100 rounds of new (not reloaded) practice ammunition for their firearm. If you are having trouble finding that available let us know and we will try to help!

If you would like you are welcome to use one of the instructors firearms; however you will still be responsible for providing the 100 rounds of new (not reloaded) 9mm ammunition (Also referred to as 9×19, 9mm NATO, 9mm Luger. NOT 9×18, 9mm Makarov, 9mm BC… if you have any questions ask.) As above, if you are unable to locate ammunition let us know and we will see if we can help. We are currently working on an arrangement with an ammunition manufacturer to allow you to purchase directly through them for classes, however that is still in the works and not solidified yet.

Eye protection is required. This can be as simple as your sun glasses or eye glasses or safety glasses if you choose.

Ear protection is required. While any disposable ear protection is allowed we recommend electronic hearing protection (sponsored link.) Electronic hearing protection does a great job at allowing you to hear voices amplified while muffling loud noises making it easier to learn!

For range time we will be on an outdoor range for AT LEAST 3 hours. Please dress appropriately for whatever weather. We recommend a ball cap or brimmed hat and staying away from low cut or open collars. Open toe shoes are not allowed on the range. These recommendations are because there will be plenty of flying hot brass, when that comes in contact with your skin it can hurt and some people may act in a dangerous manner if they do not know what to expect.

Chap stick, sunblock, bug spray, etc. may be beneficial as well.