My Defensive Training, LLC (dba MI Defensive Training) (MDT for short in on this page) is currently located in Lapeer County, MI

We believe that your own defense is your job first and foremost… with that in mind we recommend everyone get training; though it is not our opinion that should be mandated by state or federal governments. The 2nd amendment to the US Constitution and Article 1 § 6 of Michigan’s constitution guarantee that right; that being said there are other laws that say you need an additional permit to carry. We are pleased to be able to offer the training that a responsible person like you should get anyhow and have that help you to safely exercise your right.

Everything we learn that is beneficial we have found that we simply must share with others. Friends, family and sometimes even strangers that are seeking knowledge. Because of that we began helping friends build CPL classes, serving as a range safety officer for classes increased our knowledge and helped others. The more that happened the more we enjoyed it. When presented with the opportunity to pursue instructor certification through the Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners we knew that would provide the opportunity to help friends and family members qualify for their CPL even easier. After joining the ranks of certified instructors and helping with several additional CPL courses the owner of MDT learned he enjoyed this enough and there is currently high enough demand for it that it would be foolish to restrict it to friends and family alone; that is why My Defensive Training, LLC was formed.

After a lifetime of using firearms and learning to target shoot; as well as having a cpl for years the owner of MDT took every opportunity presented to train family members and friends in the safe use of firearms. As time went on through the wonders of the internet we were introduced to Combat Focused Shooting / Intuitive Defensive Shooting; and presented with an opportunity to take an advanced class based on those methods. This is a completely different method of shooting than “target shooting.”

With target shooting you’re more concerned with having the perfect stance, controlling your breathing and lining up your sights on a target which you will follow up with a perfectly timed and placed trigger squeeze.

When you are presented with the misfortune of having to use your firearm in a defensive manner you are typically shocked. Your blood rushes to the center/core of your body and you loose fine motor skills removing the ability to do things (or even remember things) like operating a manual safety or slide lock, get the perfect stance, etc. You are likely to not even notice the sights on your firearm if you are able to get it into a usable position. If that is the case why train for defensive use like a target shooter? This realization changed the way we practice and train others. This also has us pursuing certification as a defensive firearms instructor.

While there are many different types of carry and shooting for our current pistol classes we focus 100% on defensive shooting methods. Most carrying concealed are doing so for defensive purposes, so that is what we train and practice for.